Carnival Liberty Propulsion Problems Continue to Disrupt Itineraries

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  • The Carnival Liberty cruise ship continues to suffer from mechanical issues, causing continuing disruption in the company’s itineraries.
  • The company has decided to transfer the ship from Galveston, TX and replace it with the Carnival Valor.
  • The Liberty will sail modified itineraries for the immediate future.

Continuing issues with the Carnival Liberty cruise ship have resulted in the company having to move the ship from Texas to Florida, and replace it with the Carnival Valor.

On the company’s social media Carnival addressed the situation, saying that the propulsion problem is affecting the ship’s maximum cruising speed, but that the issue does not affect any of the ship’s other systems. The ship is reportedly able to continue to operate at reduced capacity. The company says that it has its own engineers working on the problem, as well as experts from outside the company.

The ship is expected to sail modified itineraries out of Galveston, Texas for the remainder of the month. It will then go into dry dock for period, before being transferred to Florida.