Carnival Cruise Lines Sued after Slip-and-Fall

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  • A Tennessee woman is filing suit against Carnival Cruise Lines, alleging negligence.
  • The alleged victim claims that Carnival failed to properly maintain the pool area of its Carnival Dream cruise ship, resulting in her slipping and falling on an unknown substance and sustaining injury.
  • The plaintiff is seeking damages, legal fees, and other compensation deemed appropriate by the court.

A Tennessee woman filed a lawsuit against a cruise line late last month, alleging that she had been injured aboard a cruise ship due to the company’s negligence.

The victim, Tynearia Harrison, filed a complaint against carnival cruise lines on Oct. 28. The suit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, alleges that Harrison suffered injury after slipping and falling on an unknown liquid while sailing on the Carnival Dream cruise ship.

Harrison is suing Carnival for negligence, claiming that the company did not properly maintain its ship in a safe condition. The suit says that the company failed to inspect, clean, and maintain the area in which Harrison was playing a game near the pool at the time of her fall.

According to court documents Harrison requests a jury trial and is seeking various damages, legal fees, interest, and any other compensation deemed appropriate by the court.