Carnival Corporation Inaugural Cruise Cancelled at Last Minute

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Once again hundreds of cruise ship passengers have been left deeply disappointed as the first voyage of Carnival Corporation’s Fathom cruise line was cancelled at the very last minute.

The cruise ship Adonia, under the social impact Fathom brand, was due to have what is called a soft launch leaving Miami on Sunday, April 10 for a week long cruise to the Dominican Republic carrying 710 passengers. Following that cruise the ship was due to have more cruises to the Dominican Republic, with its inaugural sailing on April 17 before setting of for Cuba on May 1.
However, the ship was unable to sail and according to Fathom, the ship had gone straight to Miami from dry dock where it was being refitted ready for the first cruise, but the testing by the U.S. Coast Guard was taking longer than anticipated. Therefore they had no alternative but to cancel the cruise.
The U.S. Coast Guard however, said that there were too many problems with the ship to allow it to leave including the fact that around 30 fire screen doors did not work and therefore they could not pass the ship as being fit to sail.
Fathom apologized to the passengers and said they would recompense passengers for any money that had to pay to change airline tickets, hotel rooms and the like and would also refund the cost of the cruise and airfare. The company said that they would also provide a credit for a future cruise for the full amount they had paid.
As many of the passengers were already in Miami waiting to board, they were given free meals and accommodation while there.