Carnival Continues to Hold Out – Refuses to Station Lifeguards at Onboard Pools

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Despite the fact that most of the major cruise companies have now announced that they will station lifeguards at onboard pool areas, the nation’s largest cruise company still continues to hold out.

A quick check of Carnival Cruise Lines’ website reveals that the company continues to refuse to hire full time lifeguards for its pools. Interestingly, Carnival’s website says that the company “is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all of our guests in all aspects of their cruise experience”. The statement goes on to say that the company has “always taken [pool safety] very seriously”.

But read on, and it becomes clear that Carnival does not offer lifeguard protection to its passengers, which includes tens of thousands of children every year. A quick search of the internet reveals that there have been many drownings and near drownings in the company’s pools over the years. So, why does Carnival continue to hold out?

One line of reasoning says that Carnival may be avoiding hiring lifeguards as a way to save money. Though this may be true, it is also worth noting that cruise companies have thousands of employees, who they often overwork and underpay. Adding a few additional employees per ship, in order to save peoples’ lives, would be a good investment.

Another explanation could be inertia. Cruise companies have been known to continue to do things the wrong way, even when the right way has been pointed out to them and the risks of continuing with the wrong actions are known. Our firm has handled many cases which could have been prevented if the cruise companies had acted sooner to correct known dangers.

The best way for Carnival to get the message is for passengers, and potential passengers, to make it known that they demand lifeguards. Perhaps it is only once the company’s decision begins to affect its bottom line, that Carnival will do the right thing.