Carnival and Cruise Massage Provider Sued for Injury Stemming from “Bamboo Massage”

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Dawn Dawsey was sailing aboard the Carnival Elation cruise ship in 2015 when she decided to receive a so-called “bamboo massage” from one of the ship’s onboard masseuses. During the massage the provider used a bamboo cane to work Dawsey’s muscles. reports that during the massage Dawsey suffered a broken hip, which later required surgery and rehabilitation.

Dawsey sued Carnival and the provider of the massage, a company called Steiner Transocean Ltd., as a result of her injuries. The court dismissed the case against Carnival, ruling that in Dawsey’s filing she did not allege that Steiner acted as an agent of Carnival.

The case against Steiner will proceed to trail and, according to the Bloomberg Law report, will likely focus on Dawsey’s medical history and whether or not Steiner followed all applicable regulations as it relates to client notification and treatment.