California Teen Sues Colorado Tour Operator - Alleging 2015 Sexual Assault

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  • A California teen is suing a Littleton, Colorado tour operator.
  • She claims that she was sexually assaulted during a Christmas season cruise, which was arranged by the company last year.
  • In her suit, she claims that one of the ship’s bartenders raped her in a bathroom aboard the vessel.

A California teen is suing a Colorado tour operator, alleging that she was sexually assaulted on a cruise sponsored by the company.

The alleged victim, whose name was not released, alleged that she sailed on an itinerary with Avalon Waterways during the Christmas season last year. During the cruise, which visited various Asian countries, the victim was allegedly raped by a bartender on the cruise ship on which she traveled.

In the lawsuit, which was filed earlier this month in U.S District Court in Denver, the teen alleges that one of the ship’s bartenders – identified as Louie, followed her around the ship and even joined her and her mother on excursions from the ship. On the last day of the sailing the bartender allegedly cornered her in a bathroom and sexually assaulted her.

Her suit alleges that the tour operator failed to protect her, resulting in unspecified permanent physical and psychological injuries.

According to a write-up in the Denver Post, Avalon Waterways is a business name for Group Voyagers Inc., which is also known as the Globus family of brands. The company reportedly touts itself as the largest tour operator in the world, serving a half million travelers annually.