Boy Caught on Video Climbing Over Cruise Ship Railing

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  • A recently released viral video shows a boy climbing over the railing of a cruise ship as it sails in the sea.
  • The boy has not been identified, but the incident reportedly occurred on the Carnival Liberty cruise ship on November 19th.
  • Carnival issued a statement saying that the company is investigating the incident.


A boy was caught on video climbing over the railing of a cruise ship, in an incident that many are calling extremely disturbing.

The boy was seen laughing as he climbed over the railing of the Carnival Liberty cruise ship, which had left port from Galveston, Texas. At one point the boy even climbed down beneath the railing and appeared to partially hang from the ship. Water can be seen rushing by as the ship sails.

According to the report the incident occurred on November 19th. It prompted the cruise line to issue a statement about the boy’s behavior, which read:

"We recently became aware of the video and are investigating. We strongly condemn any such behavior by our guests that puts themselves or others at risk."

In the video the boy’s face has been partially obscured. He has not been identified. The ship was sailing in an undisclosed location at the time of the incident.