Body of Missing Cruise Passenger Found 2 Months Later - In Ship's Ventilation Shaft

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  • The body of an elderly woman, who went missing on a cruise ship two months ago, has been found.
  • She apparently fell down a ventilation shaft, leading to her death.
  • Despite a search for the woman, crewmembers were initially unable to locate her.

Two months ago a man was shocked to find that his wife, with whom he was sharing a cruise vacation, suddenly disappeared. Now, the woman’s body has been found aboard the cruise ship where she went missing.

The woman's body was found in a ventilation shaft aboard a Tirrenia ferry, which the couple took from Porto Torres in Sardinia, Italy. The couple had taken a week long cruise on the ship during the fall of 2014 in order to get a respite from the weather in their native Bavaria Germany.

According to the victim’s husband, 74-year-old Ernst Bechstein, the two were sleeping on the deck when he awakened to find his wife missing. The woman, also 74 years of age, apparently suffered from spells of disorientation. Initially it was thought that she may have been the victim of a crime or have fallen overboard, but now that her body has been found Mr. Bechstein is questioning the crew’s search of the ship.

Mr. Bechstein believes that his wife Imelda may have been alive when crewmembers initially begun to search for her. Her body was reportedly found in an area of the engine room that was off-limits for passengers, indicating she may not have been able to enter on her own.

An autopsy of her body indicated that she died the night of her disappearance, and that no additional injuries were found other than those related to her falling down the shaft.