Belize is Increasingly Dangerous for Cruise Ship Passengers

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The nation of Belize, located on the Caribbean Ocean on the east coast of Central America is a favorite port of call for cruise ships, but it is becoming increasingly dangerous for cruise ship passengers.

Recently a couple who were passengers on the Royal Caribbean Vision of the Seas was robbed at gun point when they were ashore. They had walked only ten minutes from the ship when it docked at the Tourism Village and had eaten lunch and were returning back on board. A man threatened them with a rifle and told the lady to hand over her bag. The man was hit over the head with the rifle and the lady was also bruised and scratched. Luckily someone scared the man off and they were both taken to hospital so that the man could have stitches in his head. There was no sign of police when the incident happened.
A couple of days prior to this a group of six passengers were robbed again at gun point in the popular attraction of Altun Ha Maya ruins. Once again there were no police present at the site which is always full of cruise ship passengers.
The authorities in Belize continue to maintain that there is sufficient security in the area where the visiting cruise ship passengers are, but this is obviously not the case.
Belize is becoming increasingly dangerous for local expatriates as well as cruise ship passengers and tourists. So far this year an American tourist from Chicago was murdered on holiday in western Belize and a Canadian filmmaker was stabbed to death in his Belize home.
According to statistics, Belize has a murder rate of 44.7 per 100,000 which is around ten times higher than the United States which had a rate of 4.5 per 100,000 people. Those cruise passengers who wish to go ashore in Belize should be extremely careful and not take any valuables with them.