Azipod System Breaks Down Again on the Norwegian Star

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It appears that once again the Azipod system about the Norwegian Star has failed causing problems for passengers.

Azipod is the brand name for ABB Group's range of electric azimuth thrusters. Azipod is a propulsion unit used on cruise ships which comes together with the propeller and is used by several of the major cruise lines on their ships.

This is not the first time however that the Norwegian Star has had problems with the Azipod system as in 2004 damage to part of the system caused calls in the certain ports to be suspended and a speed restriction of 18 knots rather than the 25 knots needed. The subsequent repositioning cruise to Vancouver was cancelled so that the ship could go into dry dock for repairs.

Then in April this year, once again the Norwegian Star was out of service for two weeks due to problems with the Azipod and its repositioning cruise to the Panama Canal was cancelled.

This time the ship has had to cancel its scheduled call into Miami on October 17 and is going directly to Tampa a day early on October 17 with disembarking the following morning. Passengers will be given a cruise credit of 15% of the fare for a future cruise and a day’s refund for their current cruise. Passengers are also being allowed free access to the internet and telephone and are being helped to rearrange hotel bookings and transportation.

Norwegian Cruise Lines expect the next departure out of Tampa to take place as scheduled on October 19, assuming this current problem with the Azipod can be rectified.