Australian Police: Man Allegedly Raped Fellow Cruise Passenger Saturday Night

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Australian news outlets are reporting that an Australian man has been arrested on suspicion of having raped a fellow passenger while sailing aboard a P&O cruise ship.

According to an article about the arrest, police were able to retrieve closed caption television footage which showed the woman fleeing from the man after he assaulted her in her cabin room. The identifies the man only as being from Queensland, but could not release his name.

The alleged perpetrator and the victim were reportedly drinking together on Saturday night, when he returned with the victim to her cabin. It was there that he allegedly raped her twice before she was able to escape. About 20 minutes after they entered the room, the woman can be seen on CCTV running away from her cabin and seeking help from cruise ship staff members.

Ship security then detained and held the alleged rapist until the ship docked in Brisbane, where he was handed over to police.

The alleged perpetrator reported to police that he had no memory of the events in question. He identified himself as a drug and alcohol abuser, and is quoted as having told police "Don't give me bail, if you do I'm going to top myself."