Australian Man Charged for Alleged Cruise Ship Rape

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A few days ago, we blogged about an Australian man who had been arrested on suspicion of rape. Now the alleged perpetrator has been charged in an Australian court.

The 33-year-old defendant was charged with two counts of rape for an incident which allegedly took place last weekend. The victim of the incident was seen running from her cabin room on surveillance video, after an incident which she describes as involving the perpetrator raping her multiple times.

P&O Cruises issued a statement through its spokesperson about the incident, saying in part "A cabin was sealed and, having reported the alleged assault to police, we have been assisting them fully in their inquiries." 

The alleged perpetrator and the victim presumably knew one another and were having drinks aboard the ship before returning to the woman’s cabin room together.

After the incident, the alleged perpetrator said that he could not remember what happened the night before, but made statements to authorities which seemed to indicate that he had drug and alcohol problems, and recognize that he may have been capable of such a heinous act.

The defendant will remain in custody of Australian authorities until a court appearance later this month.