Aurora World Cruise Cancelled

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The world cruise by the cruise ship Aurora has been cancelled after less than a week.

On Monday, October 19 the Aurora returned to Southampton, England having left the previous Wednesday for a 103 night world cruise. It appears that although the ship’s propulsion system had been repaired it was not sufficient to allow the cruise to continue.

The scheduled departure date for the Aurora world cruise was delayed by 10 days while they tried to repair the engines, but after only 110 miles, going round and round the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England, P&O called the cruise off and will now refund the 1,752 passengers who each paid between $15,000 and $65,000 for the trip. In fact 385 passengers had already cancelled once the departure date was delayed. Meanwhile the Aurora will be taken to a British or German shipyard for repairs and is expected to be out of service for at least five weeks.

It is thought P&O have lost around $46 million as a result of cancelling the cruise as in addition to refunding the passengers they will also receive a future cruise credit of 25% of this fare.

P&O had planned to change the cruise due to the delays with some of the 40 scheduled ports due to be missed out including Acapulco, Barbados, Honolulu and San Francisco, and the ship was to return via the Suez canal rather than the Panama Canal

The Aurora began to cruise in 2000 and was launched by Princess Anne, the Princess Royal. When the traditional champagne bottle used in the launch ceremony did not break it was said to be bad luck. This has certainly come true for Aurora as she broke down on her maiden voyage and had to return to the U.K. and in 2003 there was a major norovirus outbreak with over 600 passengers and crew affected.