Alleged Rampant Sexual Assault at Favorite Cruise Destination

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One of the most frequently visited cruise destinations is the Bahamas, and the shining attraction on the Bahamas is its Atlantis resort. The megacomplex features a state of the art hotel, shops, a casino, and entertainment. But, according to a report issued by, Atlantis also has a problem protecting its visitors from sexual assault.

The latest alleged sexual assault victim at Atlantis was a Canadian woman in her 20s, who was spotted crying on Cabbage Beach by a passerby. The man, who was not identified, was quoted as saying “I work on the beach and I saw the lady earlier—she was walking on the beach around 11am and then she went with this guy on the Jet Ski. About an hour or so later, she came back and there was a crowd of people around her, she was crying real loud and shaking.” The woman said she had been raped by a jet ski operator.

The woman’s allegations come in a context of heightened concern about sexual assault on the beach. For example, the story says that “Last year, amid allegations of rape against those in the water sports industry, The Cove at Atlantis warned its guests against renting Jet Skis on Cabbage Beach, adding that doing so is “at your own risk.””

The story also states the US Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) warned U.S. citizens in March to avoid jet ski operators in the Bahamas, as they “continue to commit sexual assaults and other crimes against tourists, including US citizens.”