Alleged Cruise Ship Rape Victim Still Waiting for Justice – 3 Years Later

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A report published this week by the website Times of Malta, illustrates the ordeal cruise ship sexual assault and rape victims go through, and just how difficult it can be to fight for justice.

The article profiles a British university student who was allegedly raped while sailing aboard the Celebrity Reflection cruise ship three years ago. On July 23, 2014, as the alleged victim traveled with her parents and younger brother, a fellow passenger allegedly spiked the victim’s drink. He then allegedly raped her.

A 20-year-old student from Scotland was charged with the rape, but in the two years since the alleged perpetrator was charged with the crime, the case has dragged in Maltese court. According to the article, “Very little progress has been registered in the court case against the Scottish student charged with sexually assaulting her after the two met on the Celebrity cruise ship Reflection.”

The victim’s parents expressed their dismay with the Maltese legal system, saying “We had hoped that the Maltese justice system would be similar to that in the UK but our hopes have been shattered as we see days, weeks and months pass by before we are anywhere close to any form of justice.”    

One of the complicating factors in the case is that the alleged incident took place in international waters. Because the ship on which the incident took place is registered in Malta, the case must be heard in Maltese court.

The victim and her parents are finding that, at times, justice for victims of cruise ship rape and sexual assault can be a long and arduous process. In such instances, it is especially important that victims work with experienced legal counsel in order to best prosecute their cases.