Albatross Cruise Ship Sidelined with Mechanical Problems

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  • The Albatross cruise ship suffered from mechanical malfunction today.
  • The ship’s 800 passengers were left stranded at sea for a brief time while the ship called for a tow back to port.
  • Authorities have indicated that the Albatross must pass a survey and inspection before returning to service.

The summer cruise season has come to an end, capping what surely felt like one of the most active seasons for cruise ship accidents and malfunctions in some time.  But with the change in season the cruise industry has not seen a corresponding change in the fates of its vessels. The most recent cruise ship related issue occurred today when a ship in Europe was taken out of service, leaving hundreds of passengers in a bind.

According to the Maritime Herald newspaper the Albatross cruise ship was set to sail from Bremerhaven to Dover, but instead was sidelined with significant mechanical issues. Damage to the ship’s hydraulic system of the rudder gear caused the Albatross to modify its voyage after the ship suffered the problem and had to return to the Columbus Cruise Center.

The 583-foot Albatross was carrying about 800 passengers at the time of the incident. The ship reportedly suffered from the hydraulic failure but was repaired, only to suffer the same issue again less than an hour after leaving port. The crew then dropped anchor and called for assistance, finally returning back to port with the help of two Svitzer salvage tugs.

No passengers were hurt in the incident. Authorities are requiring that the ship pass a special survey and inspection before returning to service.