7 People Survive Plane Crash – Including Several Cruise Ship Passengers on Excursion

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U.S. News and World Reports is reporting that seven people survived a plane crash in Alaska earlier this week, including several people who were on excursion from a cruise ship.

According to the report, the De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver plane, which had six passengers and the pilot aboard, crashed on Sunday as it attempted to take off from Big Goat Lake in Alaska’s Misty Fjords National Monument. Though the victims were said to have suffered minor injuries in the incident, all were able to swim to shore. After being rescued they were flown to Ketchikan.

The passengers included two people from Germany and four people from California. 

The plane, which was operated by Alaska Seaplane Tours, later sank.

Though authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the crash, it is important to note that in select situations cruise companies may be liable for injuries passengers suffer while on excursion from the cruise ship.

Additionally, excursion operators are responsible for providing their clients with safe excursion experiences. In cases in which excursion companies can be proven to have acted negligently, and such negligence resulted in someone being injured, the excursion companies may also be held liable.