26-Year-Old Cruise Ship Crew Member's Disappearance Leaves Family with Questions

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  • In November a 26 year old cruise ship crew member went missing from his ship.
  • The victim’s family reports that he last signed in to work on November 18th, but never signed out.
  • He was reported missing on November 19th.

Last month a cruise ship crew member went missing from his cruise ship as it sailed from Japan to Shanghai.

26-year-old Savio Rasquinha was reported missing from the cruise ship on which he worked as the ship sailed between Shanghai and Japan. His family was notified that he was missing from the Costa Serena on November 19th, and have not heard from him since.

The company reportedly allowed Rasquinha’s family to board the ship and collect his belongings, but have thus far not provided information as to his whereabouts or what happened to him. The family was notified that on November 18th, the day before his disappearance, Rasquinha signed in for work at 3:30 pm. He never signed out.

Rasquinha’s twin brother says that Rasquinha’s cell phone was missing, but that his bag and clothing were still onboard. His ID card was reportedly found near the passenger balcony. The family says that Rasquinha’s suitcase appeared to have been forced open, raising suspicion and concern.  

The company issued a statement about the incident, which read (in part):

On November 19, during the navigation of Costa Serena 1116 Itinerary from Nagasaki to Shanghai, the crew member Savio Rasquinha was reported missing. Immediate search and rescue operation was carried out by Costa Serena in accordance with IAMSAR (International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue). The SAR operation was later handed over to JCG (Japanese Coast Guard) vessels.”