Robbery of Bahamas Deputy PM Show Threat for Cruise Passengers

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The home of  Bahamas Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis was robbed on December 9, 2013, a symptom of a growing trend of robbery in the nation. This incident, and others involving robbery of tourists, has apparently led to at least one cruise line operator calling on the nation’s politicians to get a handle on crime.

On December 13 the American embassy issued a travel advisory warning that their is a significant threat of robbery in the Bahamas. As a result of the situation it is being reported that the world’s largest cruise operator, Carnival Cruise Lines, has issued an ultimatum to the government of the Bahamas: either the country gets crime under control or the company will move their cruises elsewhere.

Carnival denied having issued the ultimatum, but did not deny that the company is concerned about the level of violence against foreigners in the country. Not only is local violence against tourists and travelers bad for business, but should Carnival passengers become the victims of such violence the company may be held liable – depending on the circumstances.



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