Father Shares Tragic Story of His Child Going Missing While Vacationing on Disney Cruise Ship

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To celebrate his wife’s birthday, Brent Csutoras booked a four day cruise earlier this year with Disney cruise lines. He chose Disney mainly for their reputation of being kid-friendly, since they were going to be traveling with their 3-year-old and 5-month-old boys. However, on the third day of the cruise, something horrific happened that ruined the entire trip for his wife and him. The couple’s 3-year-old son went missing from the on-ship childcare center.

On his website brentcsutoras.com, he explains the incident in great detail and highlights Disney’s inability to satisfactorily remedy the situation. He went to pick up his child from the Oceaneer Club after an evening with friends when he began to suspect something was wrong. He looked over the area for his child multiple times until alerting nearby staff members. They tried to locate Csutoras’ child through Disney’s electronic monitoring wristband system, but it came back as ‘Unreadable.’

The proceeding 45 minutes of frantically searching and receiving little help from employees left Csutoras and his wife in bad spirits. The 3-year-old was eventually found sleeping under some stacked chairs, but the Csutoras’ still have unanswered questions about the whole ordeal. He lists the following questions on his website:

  • “How had our son been able to crawl away and fall asleep without anyone noticing?”
  • “Why were the employees unable to find him for nearly 45 minutes?”
  • “Why was his security band unreadable?”
  • “Why did none of the ship’s crew seem to be aware there was a missing child, despite the wave phone message which seemed to be their primary form of communication?”
  • “Why was no announcement made on the ship at any point?”
  • “Most importantly, why was there no apparent protocol in the event of a missing child considering this is Disney, a world-class organization that builds its reputation on the happiness of children?”

Csutoras stated on his website that the Disney magic has been lost for him with this experience. Like many other cruise lines, Disney perpetuates a false sense of security to their passengers. Horrible things, like children going missing, passengers sustaining personal injuries and incidents of sexual assault happen more frequently in the relaxing “safe environment” than gets reported. If anything like this happens to you, protect the rights of you and your loved ones by talking with our cruise injury attorney. In a no obligation, free consultation, we will evaluate your case and ensure that you receive expert legal advice. Do not let cruise lines get away with this negligent behavior. Our law firm will fight for the justice you deserve.

[Tip of the Day: Use caution when leaving your children on an onboard childcare facility. Read more about cruise safety- cruiseshipassault.com/cruise.html.]

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