Lawsuit vs Senor Frogs In Cozumel Gets The Green Light

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The U.S. Federal courts have handed a decisive victory to the Hickey Law Firm in ongoing litigation against Senor Frogs, located in Cozumel, Mexico. The case in question is that of Michael Belik vs. Carlson Travel Group, which focuses events which occurred in 2012 during a singles event   Because the Senor Frog’s location in question is located in Mexico, the company filed a recently denied the Motion to Dismiss, claiming that the case should not go to U.S. courts.  The motion was denied.

This event in question was organized for singles in their 20′s and 30′s who traveled on Carnival’s  The Senor Frog’s, which is located just adjacent to the ocean,  hosted the event which featured a mixture of 2 dangerous ingredients:   3 1/2 hours of unlimited amount of alcohol, and sliding, jumping, and diving into the ocean from a slide or seawall.  Though there was an inherent danger in posed by the seawall, Senor Frog’s provided no supervision and no warnings.  After hours of jumping and diving in, one cruise passenger, Michael Belik, dove in and hit his head on the sandy bottom and broke his neck.  This resulted in him becoming a quadriplegic.  The 2 Mexican companies filed motions to dismiss asserting that they should not have to come to the U.S. court to defend.  This is in spite of the fact that they, Senor Frog’s, had a verbal contract with to bring its passengers there.  The Court ruled denied the motion to dismiss.



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