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A Carnival Cruise Lines ship sustained damage off the coast of Mexico on January 14, delaying the vessel and its passengers from returning to their scheduled final port. The Carnival Splendor was able to return to the Port of Long Beach a day late, after crews worked to repair the ship’s damage.

According to officials, the ship’s propulsion lines were damaged when they became entangled with fishing nets near Peurta Vallarta. Crews worked for a day repairing the shafts before the ship was able to resume its course and bring the over 3,000 passengers and crew home.

Many small ports are experiencing damage and inconvenience due to the influx of international cruise ships. These ships may bring tourism to struggling areas, but often the ports, equipment and local crews are not capable of handling such massive vessels.

This is not the first time Carnival’s Splendor has been in trouble. In November 2010, there was a fire in the ship’s engine room during another Mexican cruise. Crews were eventually able to put out the flames, but the ship was disabled and had to be towed back to its California port.

The cruise industry projects an image of absolute safety and security, but we have seen time and again that cruise ships often end up damaged and stranded. Passengers are helpless and must wait for rescue, sometimes with limited provisions.

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