-Video- Carnival And Royal Caribbean Ships Collide What Were They Thinking?

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Cruise ship captains have a tough job.  They are very highly trained professionals, who take thousands of lives into their hands every time they sail.  Cruise ships generally return to port with everyone aboard safe and sound, though there are exceptions.  Despite the training, cruise ship captains are human.  They have to maneuver several thousand ton, floating hotels, across the sea – wide and narrow.  Sometimes, more often than many would think, accidents happen.  Take a look at this video which shows a Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise ship colliding:

The video was apparently shot in Cozumel by an amateur videographer.  In the video can be seen a collision between the Carnival Legend and the Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas.  The Carnival ship reportedly sideswiped the Royal Caribbean ship.

It would seem that such cruise ship accidents are rare.  But, the truth is that there are at least an average of 1 or more events like this every year.

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