The Sinking Of The Oceanos A Tragedy Narrowly Averted

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The sinking of the Costa Concordia in January was the most recent cruise disaster.  Claiming 32 lives, the Concordia disaster will go down as not only a human tragedy, but as a warning that modern technology is still prone to human error.  But, the Concordia is not the only major cruise ship to sink in modern times.  In 1991 the Oceanos set sail from South Africa and found itself struck by a monster storm within 12 hours of sailing.

The storm that struck the Oceanos was so powerful that the ship was quickly overpowered.  It began to take on water, causing the ship to sink.  The captain of the Oceanos, like the captain of the Concordia many years later, abandoned ship – leaving the passengers to fend for themselves.

Unlike the passengers of the Concordia, on which 32 people died, all of the passengers of the Oceanos were able to band together and help ensure that there were no lives lost.  The cases of the Oceanos and Concordia both underline just how important is having capable, and responsible, people piloting our cruise ships.  Furthermore, the incidences show what happens when people take it upon themselves to help their fellow man.  In the case of the Oceanos, passengers helping one another helped ensure that everyone escaped with their lives.  In the case of the Concordia, good samaritans helped to ensure that a greater human tragedy was averted.

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