Cruise Line Updates Story 9 People Ill Turned Out To Be 300

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The cruise business could be said to be 50% public relations and marketing.  The cruise companies spend millions of dollars every year in order to paint a cruise vacation in the best light possible.  They want to give the impression that a cruise vacation will transport the traveler to a far away world, where crime, injury, and sickness do not exist.  Sometimes, when bad things happen aboard cruise ships, cruise tour operators mislead the passengers, and the public, about the extent of what had happened – which is exactly what happened during a recent cruise ship outbreak.

The P&O Oriana has been struck with an outbreak of norovirus.  While usually not deadly, the bug causes nasty symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.  Norovirus victims are often quarantines aboard cruise ships.  There are many reports that they are scarcely left out of their rooms, and that food service and other services may be hard to come by for them.

Taking this into account, it is no wonder that P&O originally said that the ship had suffered 9 cases of norovirus.  This was a flat out lie.  It is not possible that P&O did not know the extent of illness aboard the Oriana.  Instead, the company tried to pull the wool over our eyes, and only updated their story once passengers from the affected ship began to speak out in the media.

P&O also had another ship, the Azura, which also suffered a recent norovirus outbreak.


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