After Passenger Goes Missing Stories Conflict

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42 year old Jason Rappe, of Olympia, Washington, set sail with his wife on a Holland America cruise last week.  After a night of drinking, Jason took a walk on one of the upper decks of his cruise ship, where he disappeared.  What caused Rappe’s disappearance is a mystery, like so many cruise ship disappearances.  Only his baseball cap was found on the deck of the ship where he had been last seen.  In addition, there were conflicting reports of just what happened in the hours leading up to his disappearance.

Internet comments which were posted in response to various online news accounts of Jason Rappe’s disappearance have painted differing pictures of just what happened in the hours leading up to his disappearance.  One commenter said that he had seen a wild drinking party that the cruisers were engaged in.  He thought to himself that it would not be far fetched to think that someone may wind up in trouble after the party – only to find out later that someone was indeed missing.  Another commenter disputed the characterization of a wild party, and instead insisted that, though the cruisers were drinking, it was nothing more than a normal social gathering.

The conflicting accounts of what happened in the moments before Jason Rappe’s disappearance show just how difficult it can be for authorities to piece together what happened in a cruise ship disappearance.  Sadly, in this case, Jason Rappe was never found.

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