Rebecca Coriam Lost But Not Forgotten

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No one knows what happened to Rebecca Coriam.  Her final moments were recorded last year as she talked on her phone aboard a Disney Cruise Lines cruise ship – where she was an employee.  After she walked out the the surveillance camera’s line of sight, she was never heard from again.

After learning of their daughter’s disappearance, Rebecca Coriam’s parents embarked on a journey to find their daughter.  After finding that Disney Cruises was not helpful, they turned to the government of the UK, their homeland.  To their surprise, the Coriams were told that there was little the UK government could do to help them, as the disappearance had occurred outside of the country’s jurisdiction.

Cruise ships have very few police officers, if any.  Complicated jurisdictional protocols can frustrate even the best police departments.  Add this to the fact that many cruise line crew are not trained in evidence collection or crime scene preservation, and it is easy to see why many people, such as Rebecca Coriam, go missing every year – without a trace.

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