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We have been sounding the alarm for years about the dangers and abuses of the cruise industry.  Every once in a while a cruise story will make it to the headlines of the major news outlets, but by and large cases of cruise ship sexual assault, and even disappearance and death, are not well covered by the media.  But, injuries aboard cruise ships do frequently occur.  Take a look at the following video:

This video clearly shows a cruise ship in major trouble.  The ship is rocking violently in the seas.  Everything inside the ship, from people, to valuables, is in danger.  A cruise in stormy seas similar to this one actually left one man dead, and several others injured.

This is why we are here. At the Hickey Law Firm, P.A., we fight for your rights.  We fight to hold the cruise lines accountable.  In a world where there is 24/7 news coverage of even the smallest, most trivial, news events – it is a wonder that the cruise lines aren’t brought under a larger microscope.  We are here to bring that much needed focus.


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