Cruise Ship Communications Calling Home Is Expensive

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So, you are taking a trip on a cruise line.  You think you have thought of everything – have you considered how will you call home to the U.S. while you are on the cruise?  There are several methods, such as using your cell phone or using the cruise ship’s phone – but there are better options.

First things first, do not use your cell phone to phone home if you can avoid it.  Most cell phone companies have horrible rates, even when you have the international calling package.  Rates over $1.50 per minute are not uncommon.  Also, you will almost certainly connect through roaming while on the cruise ship.  This will only further increase your cell phone bill.

Also, I do not recommend the ship’s on board phones.  These phones too can be very expensive – up to a couple of dollars per minute.  If this option is used – it would be best to make the call very brief.

Cruise ships often have internet access which, while it is not necessarily cheap, it is certainly cheaper than telephone calling.  The internet access comes in at about 40-80 cents per minute.  This is significantly cheaper than using a telephone.  The idea is to use a VoIP calling service – such as skype – to call your loved ones back home.  Skype to skype calls are free.  And, calling any U.S. phone number from skype is under 3 cent per minute.


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