Cruise Lines Distressed By Having To Wake Up Early Decide To Sue

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Former UK politician David Bookbinder recently took cruise, along with his brother, on Thomson Cruises .  At a planned stop in Israel, the pair were told that they would need to be present for a 5 am disembarking of the ship.  The brothers were apparently awakened at 3:30 am, causing severe “distress.”  Bookbinder has decided to sue the cruise line as a result of the distress of having to wake up early.

The 71 year old Bookbinder claims that the distress from having to wake up so early caused so much distress that the cruise was ruined for him and his 86 year old brother.  Bookbinder says that his brother is wheelchair bound and has other health problems.  Apparently this is was a contributing factor to the distress.

For their part, Thompson Cruises says that Israel has a very strict immigration policy, and that it was necessary to have the passengers wake up early in order to have them get ready to disembark the ship in time.  Bookbinder rejects this explanation, saying that there is a better way for the cruise line to handle the Israeli immigration procedures.

Bookbinder is suing for a full refund of the nearly $2500 price of the cruise, and to raise awareness to the practice which he feels is unjust.



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