Passengers Flocking To Cruise Despite Recent Bad Press

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Passengers are flocking take to cruise vacations in record numbers, despite recent bad press.  This trend may reflect that, as the economy struggles to bounce bad from the deepest recession in over half a century, more people have opted for the cost-effective cruise travel option over other forms of travel.

Reports from several fronts are predicting good business for cruise operators this fall and winter.   A recent report from stock advice outlets, such as, report that cruise ship operators are seeing increased bookings, and that business is expected to be good over the coming couple of years. Meanwhile, cruise operators continue to order newer and larger ships.  Miami based Norwegian Cruise Lines is reported to have just ordered its largest ship to date – to be delivered in 2015.  The 4,200 passenger ship will have a weight of 163,000 tons.

The recent uptick in cruise activity comes in the wake of what has been a bad year, with respect to news headlines, for the cruise industry.  In January, the Costa Concordia capsized – killing 32 people.  That tragedy was followed by numerous cruise ship disease outbreaks, and the Costa Allegra being completely disabled at sea by an engine fire. In fact, because of the Concordia disaster, the cruise industry has faced additional media criticism, not seen in years past.

Despite the additional negative attention, the cruise business is up.

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