Cruise Ship Workers Watch Out For Bad Apples

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Anyone who has taken a cruise will surely remember one of two friendly cruise ship workers.  These people, who are usually from diverse countries the world over, work tirelessly day and night in order to make the passenger’s cruise experience the best it can be.  Most cruise ship workers are honest, hard working people – just trying to make a better way for themselves and their families.  But, as in any group of people, there are some bad apples.  Be sure to keep you and your traveling party safe from the occasional bad apple cruise ship employee.

Many cruise ship employees are found by employment companies, which essentially recruit cruise ship employees for the cruise lines.  Most of these employees are good people, but a few bad ones slip through the cracks. For example, one cruise ship employee, who was actually the manager of daycare services for several large cruise lines, has pleaded guilty to molesting over a dozen children, including making video of some of the encounters.

Sexual assaults aboard cruise ships are committed more often by cruise ship employees than any other group.  A recent report claimed that a woman asked a cruise ship crew member for a towel when she was going to use the public pool.  He then lead her to a bathroom where he sexually assaulted her.  Part of the assault, when the woman tried to get out of the bathroom and was pulled back in, was apparently caught on closed circuit video.

Crew members have unprecedented access to staterooms, and the trust of travelers.  While we do not recommend being afraid of the crew, exercising caution is highly advised.


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