Cruise Ship Sanitation Another Ship Fails CDC Inspection

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Cruise ships seemingly offer the ideal vacation.  Sail in what amounts to a floating hotel to exotic destinations around the world.  The food is mostly included in the price of admission.  The ships are billed as large, comfortable, and safe.  But, what about sanitary?  According to recent reports from the CDC, you may want to double check the sanitation record of potential cruise ships before sailing.

In the past year at least 3 cruise ships have failed the surprise CDC health inspection, including the 96 passenger Grande Marine, which was the most recent to fail.  So, what kind of violations were found on the ship?  The CDC found open food containers, moldy ice cube machines, and food debris on cooking equipment, among other violations.

The Grande Marine scored a 75 out of 100 on the surprise inspection, which is conducted 2 times per year on ships which dock in the U.S.  A score of 86 or better is needed to pass the inspection.

The operator of the Grande Marine has indicated that they are reeducating the staff on proper hygiene practices.  They also indicated that they will make necessary equipment repairs when the ship returns to the ship yard.

The Grande Marine, built in 1998, currently offers cruises along the East Coast.


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