Costa Concorida An Update

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Since January we have been following the sinking of the Costa Concorida.  The Concordia capsized off the coast of Italy on January, 13 – killing 32 people including 2 Americans.  Since that fateful night, much has happened, including the beginnings of criminal and civil court proceedings, as well as a massive salvage operation.

As of now, no one has formally been charged in the sinking of the Costa Concordia.  The former captain of the ship, Francesco Schettino, was arrested within days of the sinking.  He was accused of manslaughter and abandoning ship, among other offenses, and was placed under house arrest.  However, he was later deemed not to be a flight risk, and was set free from house arrest, but ordered not to leave his tiny Italian village.  There has been speculation that Schettino and other officers of the Concordia, along with managers of the Cosata Corporation, may face formal criminal charges.  But, to date, no such charges have been filed.

The civil procedures are also moving slowly.  A Florida judge recently ruled that a coalition of 1000 Italian businesses, which have suffered losses due to the tragedy, cannot sue in American courts.  This is seen as being a victory for Costa Cruise Lines and its parent company, Carnival Cruise Lines.  Additional civil cases await to be sorted out by Italian and American courts, with no near term end in sight.

Meanwhile, the Concorida is being salvaged in what has been called the largest salvage operation of its kind in history.  Originally planned to be completed in January, the salvage operation’s schedule for completion has been pushed back to the Spring of 2013 – perhaps even farther.


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