Concordia Captain Sues Claims Wrongful Dismissal

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The former captain of the Costa Concordia, which sank of the coast of Italy in January, is suing his former employer for wrongful dismissal.

Imagine you are the captain of a massive, 4000 passenger cruise ship.  One day, you decide to veer off course, and sail closer to shore than normal – all so that you can wave to a buddy on shore.  Say during this “salute” of the shore your ship strikes underwater rocks – creating a 100+ foot hole in the ship, and the ship sinks.  It would stand to reason that this would probably get you fired from your job.  This is exactly the narrative of Francesco Schettino, who captained the Costa Concordia when it sank on January 13, killing 32 people.  Now, Schettino is suing from wrongful dismissal.

Bruno Leporatti, Schettino’s attorney, says that his client is simply appealing his termination,which is a right all terminated employees have.  Of course, this may come as a bit of a slap in the face of the families of the deceased Concordia victims, and those who lived through the tragedy.   But, it is likely little more than a legal tactic.  As hearings approach regarding who is responsible for the Concordia disaster, the cruise line has indicated that it intends to place the blame squarely on the former captain.  This legal filing is probably more about gaining leverage, than about getting his old job back.


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