Man Wakes Up On Cruise Ship Finds He Is On Fire

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There have been some truly strange stories about cruise ships over the years.  Many of these stories include cruise ship accidents,  cruise ship accidents, and other cruise ship crimes as well.  Ranking right up there among some of the strangest cruise ship stories we have covered, is this one out of Amsterdam.  A man sailing on a “booze cruise” woke up in the bar area of the ship to find that he was on fire.

James Bailey, a 28 year old British man, went on a booze cruise with some friends in Amsterdam.  Bailey apparently fell asleep in the bar area of the ship – waking up some time later to find that he was on fire.  Noticing the situation, the wait staff helped him to put out the flames, but not before Bailey suffered first, second, and third degree burns.

It is not currently known how Bailey came to be on fire.  He cites this uncertainty as a reason that he suffers continuing mental anguish surrounding the event.  He has said that he has had insomnia and is suffering night terrors since the situation. He is currently exploring taking legal action against the operator of the cruise line – DFDS Seaways.

DFDS Seaways has declined to comment on the incident.


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