Cruise Ship Fights A Real Threat

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Everyone knows that alcohol consumption can lead to violence. It is evidenced in bars and sports stadiums around the world. recently, select cruise lines have begun to offer “all you can drink” alcohol packages. Victim’s rights groups are clearly concerned that such packages could lead to more violence aboard cruise ships.

According to a recent study, cruise ships already have an incidence of sexual assault 1.5 times higher than on land. This means that, behind all the glossy commercials and brochures, being on a cruise can be relatively dangerous. But, often times seeing is believing. So, what we present here is a a video of what can happen on a cruise ship when too much alcohol is consumed.

According to the caption which was included with this video, 10 guests were forced off the ship as a result of the altercation. Cruise ship security often seems to be a bit helpless when something major happen. What do you think?



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