Bombshell Princess Concludes It Did Not Pass Stranded Fishermen

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We have been following a story for a while in which a Panamanian fisherman has accused Princess Cruise Lines of leaving him and his fellow fishermen for dead.  Here is the back story.  After a night of fishing in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Panama, 3 fishermen found themselves stranded after their engine gave out on them.  They drifted for weeks before allegedly being spotted by passengers aboard the Star Princess, a cruise ship.  The passengers of the ship notified the crew of the men’s plight, but the captain was never informed.  The ship did not stop to help the men, and 2 of the men later died.

The sole survivor, Adrian Vasquez, and the families of the 2 deceased fishermen have filed suit against Princess – claiming negligence.  Now, Princess has turned the entire case on its head.  The company admits that they did pass fishermen in the open sea.  But, according to photographic evidence provided by the company, the ship did not pass the fishermen who are currently suing them.

Princess says it has compared a picture of the boat that was seen floating in the Pacific Ocean, the boat which it passed by, and the video of the boat on which Vasquez was eventually rescued – and concluded that they are not the same boat.  Vasquez’s attorney, Edna Ramos, has said Princess is just trying to wear down he plaintiffs, but that it won’t work.  Ramos pointed out similarities between the two boats, including a characteristic blue tarp and poles featured on the boat.

Princess has apparently had the video y photographic evidence analyzed by NASA’s Johnson Space Center, which concluded that the boats are not the same.

So, one question remains – who did Princess leave stranded in the Pacific Ocean that spring day?

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