Norovirus Does Not Rest Even When The Media Does Not Notice

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We have written extensively about norovirus here on this blog.  The is the stomach bug which is usually responsible when you hear about a cruise ship outbreak.  But, though these kinds of outbreaks occur all the time.  We like to continue to shine a spotlight on this issue, because if we don’t who will?

One thing you should know about norovirus is that is is highly contagious.   In one study aboard an airplane, a passenger which had been sick with norovirus vomited on the plane.  The mess was cleaned up with disinfectant. 2 of the employees cleaning up the fluids then contracted the illness.  The same spot continued to remain infected, despite having been cleaned with disinfectant, for several days.

A second thing you should know is that if you come down with norovirus, you will probably be quarantined to your room.  Depending on when the virus is contracted, this could mean that you spend most of your trip confined to your room, with nausea, headache, and diarrhea – which are all common side effects.   Oh, and the cruise line will most likely refuse you a refund as well.

A third thing to know about norovirus is about disinfecting.  Remember how we just said that a norovirus infection can last days, even after being cleaned with disinfectant?  Well, many cruise ships unload one infected group of passengers, do a “thorough” cleaning, and then board the next group that afternoon.  We will let you be the judge of that practice.





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