Flashback Man Jumps From Carnival Cruise Ship

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Here is a flashback video of a man who jumped from a Carnival cruise ship – the Valor.  Though the video is not very clear, it was shot at night, the man can purportedly be heard screaming for his life after having purposefully jumped into the water.


This video is from several years ago, but it seems to document a phenomena which continues until today – people going overboard of cruise ships.  There is an average of 15-17  people who go overboard cruise ships every year.  Some people, for whatever reason, actually jump – perhaps to commit suicide, perhaps for the thrill.  Other people go overboard by accident.  Many more simply disappear from cruise ships and are never heard from again.

It can be very difficult for the Coast Guard to rescue a person who has fallen from a cruise ship, even seemingly ideal conditions.  But, the fact is that rescues attempts often take place in rough seas, at night, and in other unfavorable conditions.  It is common that a person who has fallen overboard is never seen or hear from again.

The fact is that over the past 10 years there have been over 165 cruise ship disappearances.  Many times the family of the missing have reported that the cruise lines have been very unhelpful when investigating the case of a missing person.  Certain case have even lead to the family taking their case all the way the the legislature of their home country – such as is the case with missing Disney Cruises worker Rebecca Coriam.

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