Cruise Ship Hazard Video Proof

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Perhaps you have seen the Royal Caribbean commercial which features all the different attractions on their different ships.  One ship features a rock climbing wall, another features a kind of powered surfing pool.  While the attractions certainly look like a lot of fun, there is a certain amount of hazard they pose – especially the powered surfing pool.

Take a look at the following video.  This is the second video we have found online of someone falling head first on this attraction.  It may seem like common sense that you need to be careful in any pool, especially one in which the water is rushing at your feet like that.  But, the cruise line still has a responsibility to make the pool safe for those who will be using it.  The idea is to go on vacation and come home safe and sound, not paralyzed.


Thankfully this guy seems to be OK.  We never want to see anyone permanently injured aboard a cruise ship.   It is hard to tell but the Royal Caribbean employee sitting on the side of the pool does not seem to be much help.  He doesn’t even get up to help the poor passenger after the passenger falls on his face!  Needless to say, this situation could have turned out far worse.  The cruise lines really need to put greater focus on safety, especially on attractions such as this on.


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