Minors Aboard Cruise Ships What You Should Know

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Cruise companies are in the business of selling dreams.  They want their passengers to feel as if they are in a dream locale, eating the food of their dreams, in complete safety and tranquility.  It is a lofty goal.  But, as any parent knows, there is no escaping the real world, and this includes aboard cruise ships.  As tempting as it is to fully let your guard down, when it comes to the kids, parents must remain vigilant, even aboard the cruise ship during the vacation of your dreams.

Young children must be monitored, even aboard a cruise ship, which seems to be a safe place. Anyone who has been on a cruise ship has seen the youngsters, often as young as 5 or 6 years old, which seem to have free roam of the ship, with no parental supervision.  This is a big mistake.  There are numerous hazards for a young person aboard a cruise ship.  The most obvious include accident, such as falling in the pool or getting lost.  But, beware, the sexual assaults aboard cruise ships reportedly happen at a higher rate than on shore, and kids are often the victims.

The issue of sexual assault aboard cruise ships also affects teens, who are also frequently victimized by predators.  Of course teens are more responsible, and may be left to roam the ship freely.  But, it may be a good idea for the parents to, at least, have a few “check in” or “meet up” times throughout the day, and even institute a curfew.


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