Francesco Schettino Free From House Arrest

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Francesco Schettino, infamous captain of the fated cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, has been set free from house arrest by an Italian judge.  The former captain of the cruise ship, which sank on January 13, 2012, will have be able to freely roam in his tiny Italian town, approximately six months after being placed under house arrest in the wake of the disaster.

Italian judge, Valeria Montesarchio, found that the former captain is not a fight risk, and allowed his to leave his home for the first time after nearly half a year’s house arrest.  Though the captain served a considerable amount of time under arrest, neither he, nor anyone else, has been charged in the sinking of the Concordia, which killed 32 people and wounded dozens more.

Instead, Schettino will have free roam of the tiny Italian town of Meta di Sorrento, quite a step up for a man who is facing charges including manslaughter, and abandoning ship.

The aftermath of the sinking of the Concordia is still being felt across the world.  The legal processes still continue, including the investigation into the sinking from a criminal standpoint, and the civil lawsuits which have been brought against Costa, and its parent company Carnival Cruise Lines.

Meanwhile, the Concordia is being salvaged.  In what is being described as the largest maritime salvage ever, the 4000 passenger ship is being fitted with flotation devices, the first step in a year long process which will see the ship cleared of all water, floated, and towed to an Italian port.  Because the ship currently rests in a pristine ecological preserve, the salvage must be done very delicately.




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