Cruise Ship In Stormy Seas Another View

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As an example of the dangers of cruising – we recently brought a video of a cruise ship in stormy seas. The dramatic video was shot about a year and a half ago, but the description of the video was not immediately available.  Now, we have another view of the cruise ship in stormy seas, as well as a description of what was happening, and what caused the ship to lose control.

The Clelia II was sailing an Artic itinerary when it lost power to one of its engines.  Apparently 55 mile per hour winds and serious ocean waves were too much for the ship.

The ship, which was carrying 160 people at the time, can be seen here being tossed violently by the waves of the ocean.  There were no reports of deaths among the 100 passengers and crew.

The ship, operated by Polar Cruises of Bend, Oregon, arrived safely to port.



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