Costa Concordia When Will Charges Be Filed?

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Over six months ago, on January 13, 2012, the Costa Concordia was steered off course in an attempt to perform a “salute” of the shore when the ship struck underwater rocks.  The impact tore a 100 foot gash into the side of the ship, which eventually caused the ship to sink in the shallow Tuscan waters.  32 people were killed, dozens more were injured.  Property was lost, and lives were forever changed.  But, over six months later, no one has been criminally charged in the Costa Concordia disaster.

The only reported arrest in connection with the sinking of the Concordia was of the former captain, Francesco Schettino.  However, after being placed on house arrest for several months, Schettino has been freed to roam his tiny Italian town.  So when, if ever, will charges be leveled against those who are responsible?

Without a doubt the Italian authorities wish to build an air-tight case against all of those who were responsible for the accident.  News reports have suggested that Schettino could face charges of manslaughter, and abandoning ship.  However, these same reports indicate that several other executives and officers of the cruise line may also face criminal charges in connection with the crash.

Meanwhile, the Concorida is undergoing a year long process of salvage.  The salvage companies involved have described the salvage as the largest salvage of its kind in history.  Perhaps investigators are waiting for additional information which can only be attained when the ship has been fully floated and towed to an Italian port.


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