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When someone gets sick or injured on a cruise ship at sea, they are usually taken to the the ship’s on board infirmary.  Despite the ship’s advertising of luxury accommodations and  adequate medical facilities, the cruise lines do not always handle medical emergencies with the professionalism which one would expect.  When the cruise lines fail in their responsibility to provide proper medical care to their passengers, we at Hickey Law Firm, P.A. can help the affected parties seek justice.

Here is an example of cruise ship medical malpractice:

A recent story related related how a woman, who was cruising with her family, became drunk in the ship’s casino after have a few too many drinks.  She stumbled back to her cabin to lay down, where she was later joined by her fiance.  In the middle of the night he awakened to cries for help.  His fiance had gone to the bathroom to get some water, but had slipped and fallen, cutting an artery in the process.

The fiance called for help.  The ship sent 2 untrained staff to assist.  After realizing they were not equipped to help, they called the nurse, who arrived over 10 minutes later.  Because the woman’s body was going limp, she fell from the wheel chair in which she had been placed for transport.  The nurse called for a stretcher, but a rescue boat was brought back instead.  The staff attempted to transport the woman in a rescue boat.

The boat was too large to adequately maneuver through the hallways, and did not fit in the elevator.  The woman was then taken from the boat and carried down the stairs manually.  Shortly after arriving in the infirmary the woman went into cardiac arrest.  She died that day from her injury.



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