Cruise Ship Robbery What You Should Know

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One of the last things most passengers expect to encounter during their cruise vacation is violence.  If we believe the picture perfect image painted by the cruise companies, we would believe that cruise vacations are exist in a true world apart, where nothing can go wrong.  But, nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, violence, and robbery in particular, is all too common aboard cruise ships and during ship sponsored excursions.

One particularly disturbing account of robbery was a story we recently covered about George Smith.  He was killed on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in 2005, in what is thought to have been a robbery attempt.  The FBI is still looking into the incident.

By far the most dangerous place on a cruise vacation seems to be during the off-ship excursions.  There have been numerous reports of hair raising robberies during these excursions.  About 6 months ago we covered a story out of Mexico in which in which a bus of approximately 22 cruise ship passengers were robbed at gunpoint during a shore excursion.  Though no one was seriously injured, the passengers were understandably shaken up after having been relieved of their valuables.

Now, we have a report a new report that echoes the Mexico story.  Five men in the island nation of St. Kitts have been charged with robbing cruise ship passengers in 2010.   In a case which has shocked the cruise and travel industries in the tiny nation, the men had been charged with stopping a bus full of cruise ship passengers, who were traveling on the road to Brimstone Hill, and robbing them of their possessions, including cell phones, jewelry, and other personal items.  The men have reportedly pleaded guilty to the crime.
St Kitts Prime Minister said yesterday in a statement that:
“The guilty pleas, which saved the court’s time, have been welcomed by law enforcement officials who remain firm in their relentless attack on crime and the mission to protect all residents and visitors to St. Kitts and Nevis.”
The guilty men include:
“Elroy Williams, Junior Sobratie, Curtis Long, George Welsh of Sandy Point and Delvin Francis of St. Paul’s, were indicted on four counts of Robbery, one count of Assault with intent to Rob, one count of Accessory before the fact and one count of Conspiracy to Rob.”


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