Costa Concordia Salvage To Take A Year

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The Costa Concordia sank off the coast of Italy on January 13, 2012.  With the sinking of the ship, there were 32 lives lost and many more injured.  The removal of the Concordia will be one of the largest salvage operations ever undertaken, according to one of the companies involved in the effort, and will take a year to complete.

Titan Salvage, isa U.S. company which is owned by Crowley Maritime Group.  Together with the Italian underwater construction and engineering firm, Micoperi, they will work to remove the massive ship from the coast of Tuscany over the next year.

The companies have said that the salvage will take place in 4 distinct phases:

The first phase will see the ship stabilized.  A platform will be built underwater, and airtight boxes will be attached to the ship.

The second phase will involve filling the airtight boxes with water, and using a massive crane to pull the ship upright.

The third phase will involve stabilizing the ship with additional airtight boxes, called caissons.

The fourth phase of the salvage will involve emptying the airtight boxes and filling them with air, bringing the ship to a float

Once the ship has been restored to a floating position, the ship will be towed to an Italian port.  The salvage teams will then have to clean up the marine environment in which the ship currently sits.  It is not currently known what will be the ultimate fate of the ship after it arrives at the Italian port.  It is probable that the ship will be used as evidence in the ongoing criminal probe of the captain of the fated ship, and several officers of the cruise line.



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