Royal Caribbean Does The Right Thing Rescues Stranded Boaters

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The world was shocked and appalled to discover the the crew of the cruise ship, the Star Princess, had left 3 stranded fisherman to die, after having been signaled by the men for help.  The ordeal garnered international news attention after 2 of the men aboard the small boat died, while one survived.  When he finally arrived back to his home country of Panama, news reports broke that the men had actually been spotted by passengers aboard the Star Princess.  The passengers notified the crew of the stranded men, but the crew of the Star Princess did not offer the men any aid.



With this in mind, we should commend the crew of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas.  Though there are many points in which the cruise lines fail to care for their passengers’ needs, it is important to spotlight that in this case, the cruise line did the right thing.  Click the video above to see footage taken of the rescue of 23 Cuban refugees, who were rescued off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico in April.



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