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Cruise ship injuries and accidents can be serious.  Accidents on cruise ships have caused death, paralysis, brain damage, and significant orthopedic injuries for its passengers and crewmembers.  Medical malpractice caused by the medical staff on cruise ships, now we believe to be a daily occurrence, causes death and significant, permanent injuries.  Accidents on cruise excursions are now a daily occurrence and likewise have resulted in death and catastrophic injuries.

The Costa Concordia is still aground on the rocks of Giglio Island in Italy.  The bodies of the last of the dead passengers, an older couple from the Midwest, were recovered only weeks ago.  And yesterday, Costa Christened it newest ship, the sister ship to the Concordia, the 114,500-ton, 3,000-passenger Costa Fascinosa.  The cruise line executives say that the incident could not happen again apparently relying on some new voluntary measures which they say that they will take.  These measures are the anemic response of the cruise line trade association, CLIA, which was the subject of another one of our blogs.

The response of Costa executives to the Concordia disaster now is limited to a press release in which Costa’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Pier Luigi Foschi, said the company has “bounced back” and that “booking volumes are back to the same levels recorded this time last year.”  “Our share of the market in the main countries where we operate has not been affected. We were, are and will remain number one in Europe,” he stated, adding that Costa’s fleet expansion will continue. Its next new ship is scheduled to launch in fall 2014.

The more things change, the more they remain the same.



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